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As summer approaches, I thought an update on the activities of the Legacy Archives Foundation would be right on time... 
... especially as it has been close to a year since our last update from Angelia Phillips of flashPress, a reflection of a busy and productive team, in my humble estimation... ☺

Speaking of teams

Angelia is truly a transformational leader - this is why we click! She was wise enough to gather a group of trusted scribes that she could call upon for collaboration, decision making and the general 'bouncing of ideas'. 
In addition to authors, Mike Friedman of Mockingbird Books, Gail Sobotkin and myself, Angelia also reached out to authors Shauna L. Bowling of Bravewarrior's Feathered Pen, Martie Coetser-Pozyn of Martie's Foyer, Kim Thompson of Graceful Intentions and Vicki Warner of WarnerWords.  Everyone was more than agreeable to serve on the core team and we have seen much wisdom, insight and perspective from the team process.
Collectively we have seen the value in slowing down with the publishing of both MMB3 and the Bachelor's Cook Book that Vicki Warner has spear headed.  We see the slow, but steady, sales of MMB1 and MMB2.  We've also seen the ability to develop our individual and unique writing talents ('spins', if you will...) to further give monetary assistance to our two current groups: K9s for Warriors and Support Homeless Veterans.
Over the last couple months, I have been contacted by both of these phenomenal organizations.
I received a 'thank you' phone call from Dennis (K9s for Warriors).  He was personable, humble and grateful for our initial gift from the sales of MMB1.  I told him that we had 'more where that came from' adding that word about our book from his end would be awesome.
I received an e-mail from Support Homeless Veterans thanking our group (again).  I responded to this group that we'd be making a second gift soon from the sales of MMB2.

Vicki's Initiative

One thing you can say about Warner, Vicki to her friends, is that she puts her Words to wondrous uses. 
Vicki Warner has a website, Warner's Words, most worthy of checking out.  One of her blogs is called - Your Turn.

The posts on this blog are multi-genre articles written by Vicki herself as well as a variety of guest authors. 

Vicki appreciates and encourages interaction in the comment section.  On guest posts, the guest author selects what they deem to be the best comment, and a prize of $1 CAD is awarded to the commentor via PayPal. Payout at $8.
I've written a guest post myself and so have other talented writers, invited by Vicki.  I chose not to take a payout for any comments  I had written over the months.  Vicki and I share a soft spot for the dawgs, so I asked her to set aside any monies I earned for K9s for Warriors. 
Little did I realize that other writers would feel the same way, but writers are some of the most giving men and women I know.  I was blown away when Vicki made a recent deposit to the LAF account from her generosity and the altruism of the guest writers on her blog for $100 - to be forwarded to K9s for Warriors. 

Money Distribution Update

So, with the combined monies from ongoing book sales of MMB1 and MMB2 and the proceeds from Vicki's Your Turn blog... LAF was able to make the following two gifts - actually on a very special day, May 27th - our Angelia's birthday...!
We gave $100 to Support Homeless Veterans.  Our total gift to date for this group is $250.
We gave $200 to K9s for Warriors.  Our total gift to date for this group is $350.

Thanks for the visit!

Thank you so much for visiting and staying abreast with what's going on with L.A.F., the Mysterious & Miraculous series and the associated fund raising projects!

If you know of anyone else who'd like to be added to the Legacy Archives Foundation mailing list, please ask them to contact Angelia (femmeflashpoint), via email or fill out the form on the Contact Us  page here on the site and we'll be happy to include them on email notices of any new updates.
Wishing you a happy and peaceful summer.  Please consider thanking a Veteran on this Fourth of July by purchasing one (or more) copies of MMB1 or MMB2 for someone you love. 
We want to keep going and giving - please help us spread these worthy words. 

Maria Jordan (marcoujor)
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To paraphrase our beloved Captain Mike

Greetings, Saints,Scribes and Scribblers!

Story contributions for MMB3 (Mysterious & Miraculous Book III) are arriving, and fluttering into our email boxes. We had received some at the beginning of the year as well and we're excited to be adding new content from some scribes and contributors that are new to the Legacy Archives family.

I'd let you know who they are, but that'd kinda spoil the surprise. However, to the new folks, I bid you welcome and many thanks for your contributions to MMB3! 

In event everyone isn't in the know, let me reiterate that any of us can contribute further manuscripts for the consecutive books. So, if you've already had one of your stories published in a previous book in the M&M series, you can still turn in new stories for MMB3.

Now, let me bring you up to date with where we are regarding contributions and correspondence from the not-for-profs we're lending a hand to.

Money distribution and correspondence

To keep this fast and simple, I've put together a tiny slideshow for you. The documents show the monies distributed as well as the response from the recipients.
Now, I'd like to update you with some very cool fundraising projects!

Handmade greeting cards Via Maria Jordan

PictureMaria Jordan and Aunt Baby
Our own, multi-talented, Maria Jordan has been hard at work designing hand-made cards. This is something she enjoys just for the fun of it, but also because it's good therapy.

A few months ago, Maria expanded her personal line of cards to incorporate a new line that helps promote the work of the Legacy Archives Foundation. 

I'll give you a short list here of the wonderful benefits of investing in and using these cards.

  • You'll be spreading the word to help a small locally owned and operated business.
  • You'll be employing yet another avenue of spreading the word about the LAF and it's mission.
  • If you're a Legacy Scribe or Contributor, you'll be drawing attention to not only the LAF, Maria Jordan's work, but your own work (and/or company) too.
  • Maria is donating the profits earned from the sales of these cards back to the not-for-prof recipients of the LAF.

See? Using these cards is a win-win-win investment and we're very thankful  for her generous efforts and gift!

You can view the cards via the Creative Cards section of her website, marcoujor's musings and contact her there or via email with questions or order requests. 

The pricing on the cards is:
1 Card - $5
Set of 5 Cards - $15 

Once again, bravo zulu to Captain Mike who designed the fantastic logo for both the Legacy Archives Foundation as well as the header for this blog, Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Before I move on, I'm compelled to mention that the photo of Maria I used above also includes one of her very best friends, Aunt Baby.

Aunt Baby graduated to a pain-free higher plane not long ago. She'd been a much-loved member of the Jordan family for many years. As Mar's devoted therapist, who worked for hugs and pets, Aunt Baby was also the manager of their neighborhood's Branch Office, when out for strolls with the family.

Here, I'll paraphrase one of my favorite quotes that appeared in my dad's memorial book when we were celebrating his life as well ... 

Semper Fi, Aunt Baby ... Take the point and lead us home.

Available at marcoujor's musings!

Recipe for Bachelor's Contest via Life Talks - I Write!

PictureVicki Warner of WarnerWords
Vicki Warner became a Legacy Scribe during the production of MMB1 and also assisted with the production process.

She's continued to be a wonderful asset lending a hand with publicity, which is crucially important, often shouting it out for the Legacy Archives Foundation on her own website, Life Talks - I Write.

A few months ago she cranked things up a notch and started collections for her second book, a cookbook,  featuring simple recipes for bachelors and made a contest of it.

The contest is still going on, and ultimately the recipes will be gathered and published with proceeds from it going to the K9s for Warriors Program and Rescue.

So,  if you know anyone you can yank into the kitchen to whip up a simple recipe for bachelors, please do! Take notes and pics while you've got them cornered and email the whole thing to Vicki or contact her via the Contact Me page on Life Talks- I Write!

The contest rules are pretty simple. (Click HERE to view them.)

If you're a Legacy Scribe or Contributor, you can certainly enter a recipe, but you aren't eligible for a  prize, other than being featured in the cookbook, which is very cool and makes for some excellent publicity. However, just because the Legacy Scribes and Contributors can't enter a recipe and win a prize, your spouses, kids, parents, grandparents, neighbors and their local farmer's in the nearby dell can!

So,  please put the word out and encourage your kith and kin  to get tuh cookin'!

Thanks for the visit!

That's all I've got for this one. 

Thank you so much for visiting and staying abreast with what's going on with L.A.F., MMB3 and the associated fund raising projects!

If you know of anyone else who'd like to be added to the Legacy Archives Foundation mailing list, you're welcome to have them contact me, via email or fill out the form on the Contact Us  page here on the site and I'll be happy to include them on email notices of any new updates.

<![CDATA[Maria Jordan: Legacy Scribes Update - Spring 2014]]>Wed, 23 Apr 2014 14:34:27 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/hear-ye-hear-ye/maria-jordan-legacy-scribes-update-spring-2014PictureMaria Jordan (marcoujor)
During the long, cold and dreary months of winter, members of the Legacy Archives Foundation have been stoking the fires of imagination and creativity on a budget.

It truly is amazing at what a dedicated group can accomplish with generosity of time and  individual talents.

Stories for MMB3 are already arriving, which is exciting for us, and some other projects are sprouting up along the path that more and more folks are joining us in the effort to build, and mixing in some fun with the effort.

Here are a few items of interest to bring you up to date with what's going on, far and wide, with the Legacy Scribes and Contributors.

A friendly challenge initiated by Legacy Scribe, Vicki Warner of Life Talks - I Write ...

PictureVicki Warner, Legacy Scribe
Per Vicki, "When I think about bachelors, it brings thoughts of how many unwilling ones I have known in my bereavement group. One of the hardest things they deal with is cooking for one, especially if it is something they have never had to do before." 

So, she decided to collect recipes, her own and others, and post them on her website, Life Talks - I Write.

True to form, she's also decided to donate a special prize to the top ten recipes (decided per number of the most Facebook likes) which is downloadable Mysterious & Miraculous ebook, your choice of MMB1 or MMB2.

After that, the hope is for recipes to be collated into an appropriately titled book for wounded veterans. 

This is a great way to publicize your writing and/or your website. 

Just as was decided for the M&M books, 70% of the sales' proceeds will go to K9s For Warriors Program/Rescue. This is a fantastic organization for both folks and k9s, and 95% of the k9s in this program are rescued from animal shelters.

Your recipes will be published as they come in. 

Judging for prizes will be number of likes on Facebook. 

Some points about the contest:

1. The recipe should be easy and not require a whole lot of equipment, cooking skills or fancy ingredients.

2. Please submit a photo (properly attributed) of at least the finished dish to Vicki. The picture should be in focus, but no  need for editing. We'll take care of that for you.

3. Please try to email your recipe in an attachment of Microsoft Word, and attach a photo as well. However, if you're not familiar with Word, simply typing it out into email will work, and don't forget to include the photo(s). You can email these to Vicki via vickijwarner@gmail.com

4. Have fun with this!  Share the word with all of your friends as well...

5. If you are a Legacy Scribe, send Vicki your recipes anyway, like I did with Bonnie's Blueberry Fluff and Shauna did with her best Philly Cheese Steaks.

Although Legacy Scribes are not eligible for a prize, sharing our signature recipes is another way to support our veterans as well as introduce your own work and website to potential new fans and clients.

Speaking of cooking, I have a creative idea brewing!

Having loved the hobby of scrapbooking for years, making creative greeting cards was a natural leap for me.  

As technological as we all have become, I am old fashioned when it comes to correspondence.  I love to get a personal hand written greeting card in the mail. Through the years, I have found that most of my family and friends feel the same way.

So, I 'm happy to announce that I am developing a greeting card line of my own.

I sought the support and technical assistance of fellow Legacy Scribe, Michael Friedman of Mockingbird Books.  

These creative cards can be viewed on my website, marcoujor's musings and I am proud to share the talented illustrations of Mr. Friedman far and wide!  We are also in the process of ordering supplies to make signature greeting cards for the Legacy Archives Foundation.

As the holidays draw closer, the M & M Kindle books make for meaningful gifts, so why not include a handwritten note with your gift on one of the LAF cards?  Or you may even wish to use as your holiday card in support of Veterans.

Yes, I will also be donating my profits from these sales to K9s for Wounded Warriors Program/Rescue and the Support Homeless Veterans Org.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions at marcoujor@gmail.com

Book Sales and Proceed Send Offs ... 

Since publishing Mysterious & Miraculous Book I in the Fall, 2013 and Mysterious & Miraculous Book II for Holiday, 2013, we are proud to have sold a total of 78 Kindle books on Amazon  to date!
MMB1 - 45   books  (K9s for Warriors) / MMB2 - 33   books   (Supporting Homeless Veterans).
The 70%  due to our  designated organizations amounts to $197.94
Thanks to the generosity of fellow Scribes such as Gail Sobotkin (Happyboomernurse) and Shauna Bowling (Bravewarrior's Feathered Pen), we were able to match this amount so that each of these two worthwhile organizations received an initial contribution of $ 150.00!

And hopefully, just like Karen Carpenter sang out out, We've only just begun...!! 

Thanks to each of you for your part in the success of our endeavors with MMB1 & MMB2.

It's not too early to send us your stories or thoughts for MMB3. We both appreciate and enjoy your participation as well as having new Legacy Scribes and Contributors added to our ranks.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  

Happy, peaceful spring to all!


<![CDATA[Sunnie Day: MMB2 On Deck!]]>Tue, 19 Nov 2013 20:37:49 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/hear-ye-hear-ye/sunnie-day-mmb2-on-deckPictureAuthor, Sunnie Day
Well, it’s nearly done cookin’ and I’m excited to be the one to give you the latest update on the status of Mysterious & Miraculous Book II! (MMB2 for short!) With this soon-to-be-released book in the M&M series, the Legacy Archives Foundation has some excellent stuff for our readers cresting the horizon!

There are several new contributors featured in MMB2 that have gladly shared their stories, including Shauna L. Bowling of Bravewarrior’s Feathered Pen, Denise Handlon of Inner Journey, Linda Rogers of The Twincess Diaries, and her twin, Laura Rogers of “Stoopin’ It” in the Suburbs. There is also Martie Coetser of Martie’s Foyer, Kristen Loree Norton, Genna East of Hubpages , Bill Holland of Artistry with Words, and even our own Mike Friedman of Mockingbird Books, publisher of both MMB1 and MMB2.

The production team of MMB2 plan to have the book available for sale in e-book form for the Amazon Kindle Reader, by the first week of December, 2013. Don't have a Kindle? Click HERE and you can get one on your computer for free. You can also download one for your smart phone, also at no cost, via the Play Store for Android, the App World for Blackberry smart phones, or the iPhone App Store if you're an Apple user.

I have no doubt that the stories will thrill and  amaze you! Plan on some “Ah-ha!” moments, as well as some stories that will leave you scratching your head, pondering and asking yourself “...why?”

Several of the Legacy Scribes have submitted not only their own stories of supernatural events, but have also diligently written and submitted stories for others. Many of them are truly inspirational, with content that can’t be read without one’s faith soaring to greater heights. In the process these stories touch humanity in a way where lives can be changed and given a brand new perspective for the better.

While the window is closed in accepting submissions for MMB2, please know that all new stories received will be prepped for MMB3, which is scheduled for publication the first week of October, 2014. In the timing for MMB3, there’s a method to the madness!

Due to the genre of the M&M series, the optimum sales window is from the beginning of October through the end of December. After the launch of MMB1, the brush fire took off and word began to spread. Therefore several more stories were submitted almost immediately. With the number of submissions growing rapidly, and to keep momentum of the blossoming public interest in the Legacy Archives project, Maria Jordan, of marcoujor’s musings, wisely pressed for the go-ahead in the prep and completion of MMB2 to be ready for sale by the first week of December, 2013.

The stories continued to arrive and the production team (Michael Friedman, Gail Sobotkin, Maria Jordan and Angelia Phillips) has worked diligently to meet the deadline. That’s how not only one, but two books in the series managed to be produced within the the optimum sales window of their first year on the market.

But, as this project is a voluntary effort from every angle, the production team has to take some time to catch their breath and return to their own schedules for a while. 

During the Spring and Summer of 2014 we will continue to compile and edit story submissions, but the next book in the M&M series won't come out until October of 2014, which provides a time frame everyone can easily accommodate. 

Just to ensure we’re all in the know, the Legacy Archives Foundation is not simply in support of chronicling US stories. We've been honored to have had submissions from as far away as South Africa for MMB2 and also graced with submissions from Vincent Moore of Poetry by Vincent Moore and Vicki Warner of Grief Can Heal in MMB1, who both hail from Canada. If you're new to us and are wondering about other countries being represented in our efforts, bear with us and give us time. Brick by brick, or book by book, is how we'll expand the scope of our help.

In closing, I want to leave you with this thought.  As Sibling Synergy's femmeflashpoint has stated on her business cards, "Everyone has a story.”  If you would like to share a mysterious and miraculous account of your own, or one you’ve written for someone else, please contact us. It would not only be a blessing to all who read it, but a blessing to the those whose lives are touched by the many donations received from the book sales.

You do not have to be a pro-writer to submit a story, so don’t let fear keep you from telling it. That’s why we have an awesome staff of volunteer writers waiting to help transcribe your story into life and I could not be more proud to be one of them and be part of such a worthy endeavor.

Onward and upward my fellow scribes!

Sunnie Day of Sunnie Day's Graceful Intentions
Legacy Scribe - Aisle II

<![CDATA[Gail Sobotkin: Legacy Scribes Continue Spreading the Word About Mysterious & Miraculous]]>Mon, 11 Nov 2013 21:11:36 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/hear-ye-hear-ye/gail-sobotkin-legacy-scribes-continue-spreading-the-word-about-mysterious-miraculousPictureGail Sobotkin - Legacy Scribe
I wanted to share some of the creative ways that Legacy Scribes have been promoting the Mysterious & Miraculous book series. 

Shauna L. Bowling, known as Bravewarrior on HubPages, wrote a touching hub reminding readers what a difficult time of the year the holiday season can be for veterans, especially those who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, or depression.

Her article, How Your Purchases Can Benefit Our Veterans, tells readers about several different types of purchases they can make which will help support veterans.

She skillfully wove information and links about Mysterious & Miraculous and the Legacy Archives Foundation into the article and ended with this statement, “Our veterans put their lives on the line for each and every one of us. It’s time we give back.”

I couldn't agree with her more and thank her for taking time out of her busy schedule to help promote the Mysterious & Miraculous book series. Her fascinating story, The Voice of God, will be published in M & M Book II and I’m sure readers will enjoy it.

Pamela Oglesby, known as Pamela99 on HubPages, is one of our most prolific Legacy Scribes and has made contributions to M & M Books I & II

One of the cool things about submitting a true story to the Legacy Archives Foundation is that the writer can interview someone who’s had a paranormal experience and then write that person’s story on their behalf. Pam interviewed two women for M & M Book II and then penned an excellent hub titled, Conducting a Proper Interview.

The article contains great tips that authors or Legacy Scribes will find useful when writing true stories about other people, whether it be for magazine articles, newspaper articles, or anthology collections. 

Dane Turnbull, who wrote under his HubPages pen name, Alastar Packer, in M&M Book I, and has contributed another great story for Book II, was busy promoting both books in a 30 Minute Quirky Podcast with Jade Blackmore. The 30 minute interview that Jade did with him can be heard at  .  

I know other scribes are continuing to reach out to local newspapers, veteran’s organizations and other groups about both books. They are also sharing Tweets and Facebook posts and are emailing info about the books to their respective alumni organizations. I want to thank everyone for their awesome efforts. You are a special group of people and I feel so honored to be part of this worthy project.

Gail Sobotkin

<![CDATA[femmeflashpoint: Not-For-Profit Pick and Submission Deadline for M&M Book II]]>Tue, 05 Nov 2013 14:34:50 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/hear-ye-hear-ye/femmeflashpoint-not-for-profit-pick-and-submission-deadline-for-mm-book-iiPicturefemmeflashpoint
Hey gang!

Hope everyone's enjoying some beautiful Autumn weather like what we're having here in the rivers' land of southern Indiana.

The leaves are turning, the breeze has a crisp bite in it and there are puffs of smoking floating out of nearly every chimney in the village.

I can't say this is my favorite time of the year because I'm pretty fond of every season in the rivers' land. One of the things I miss most about this place when I'm in Texas is the distinctive seasons and the length of them.

Here, Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter each dress out in their own special look and they stick around long enough to be enjoyed.

For those of us who observe holidays, this is the time of year that Thanksgiving is nearly at the door, and Christmas is just around the corner.

And, to ensure we make it in time for December's launch, THIS is the final week for submissions to Mysterious & Miraculous Book II.

So, for those of you who still have stories you would like to submit for M&M Book II, you have until Sunday, November 10, 2013.

If you've got questions about what's involved in submitting a story, please see the Guidelines page, and go from there.

Now that the entry window is closing, we're excited to be getting it behind us and have our stories prepped and ready to turn over to Captain Mike (Michael Friedman of Mockingbird Books). He's the one who turns all of those awesome stories into a book and then gets them on Amazon.com so folks can buy them.

Mysterious & Miraculous Book II is scheduled to be on sale during the first week of December 2013, and of course, we'll announce it here for everyone, so you can easily share the blog link announcement on your social sites and even include it in emails.

The Not For Profit Organization the proceeds from Mysterious & Miraculous Book II will be supporting is the Support Homeless Veterans organization. (Link is embedded.) Since paying for advertising costs would cut into funding for the programs the books sponsor, remember that it's up to us to spread the word about what we're doing.

For those of you who use social networking, you can share a link. You can tell a friend, or five or ten. You can tell your family, notify your local American Legions and Veterans of Foreign War Posts. You can send an email announcement to your local newspaper.

If you're a journalist or blogger, write a blog post or an article for your fans. There are all sorts of ways to easily share the information about the Legacy Archives Foundation, their books and their mission.

My sister, and business partner, author and photographer, Alicia Jaye Phillips, will have a booth set up at one of the local village Christmas festivals in New Harmony, Indiana the first weekend in December 2013. She'll be available to sell and autograph copies of her own book, Scribble Shots, as well as advertise for copies of Mysterious & Miraculous Book I and Book II.

If I've I've forgotten to cover any other aspects of inexpensive advertising, please leave a comment and let us know.  

And, before I forget, if any of you would like to write a blog post on "Hear ye, hear ye!" please let me know. I can help with that. 

That's all I've got for now. Thanks again for the awesome camaraderie and support you give us and each other. I promise, it gets noticed! 

God bless you, wishing you a wonderful week and please don't forget to thank a veteran next time you have the chance.

Writer at Sibling Synergy
Legacy Scribe

<![CDATA[Gail Sobotkin: Milford, Delaware is Talking About M&M]]>Fri, 25 Oct 2013 18:19:08 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/hear-ye-hear-ye/gail-sobotkin-milford-delaware-is-talking-about-mmPictureGail Sobotkin
My home town of Milford, Delaware, is a beautiful river and art town. It was named, by the American Planning Association, as one of the best towns in America in 2013 and I wholeheartedly agree with that assessment, but what makes Milford truly great is its people.

When I emailed a press release about M & M to Bryan Shupe, Editor of the Milford Review, he asked me to meet him at the Dolce’ Bakery for an interview about the book and how it will benefit veterans. You can see the wonderful article he published on 10/15/13 at the following link:

https://milfordlive.com/review/MilfordReview-101513.pdf  and scrolling down to Local Author Supports Wounded Warriors.

Milford Library and a bit of downtown Milford
PictureDolce Bakery's beautiful display of tasty delights!
Encouraged by Bryan’s coverage, I emailed Kay Hudson, Director of the Milford Public Library, asking if she could help promote the book and she immediately responded with words that warmed my heart. “Yes, I would love to meet with you and discuss the possibilities of promoting the book and whatever else we can do.”

I don’t know of anyone in town who doesn’t love cupcakes from the Dolce Bakery, so on my way to the library, I brought a box of them to be shared with our friendly library staff.

My meeting with Kay was productive and she and her activities director, Carolyn, had some wonderful ideas about how we could incorporate a display for M & M into their upcoming exhibit for the annual Milford Holiday Stroll. The holiday stroll is a big event and all the businesses in Downtown Milford participate. For weeks beforehand elaborate decorations go up and excitement builds as everyone looks forward to the night of the stroll.

It was serendipitous that this year’s theme is “Home for the Holidays” and is meant to honor veterans. The display for M & M will highlight the fact that 70% of profits from the book will benefit veterans through the K9s for Wounded Warriors Program/Rescue and I’m creating a poster exhibit with matching post cards instead of a regular pamphlet. The post cards can double as a book mark and I think library patrons will therefore be more likely to hold onto them which means they’ll keep seeing the book’s name and will have purchasing info if they’re inspired to buy a copy for themselves or as a gift for someone they love.

I’m looking forward to working with Kay and Carolyn on the display and will post more pictures when it’s set up inside the library.


<![CDATA[marcoujor: The Logo!]]>Sun, 20 Oct 2013 15:24:19 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/hear-ye-hear-ye/marcoujor-the-new-logoPicture
Well, the decision was a no-brainer... Angelia (femme), Gail (Boomer) and I (mar) all gave this 'logo idea' from Mike (mckbirdbooks) a 2 thumbs up!

It was less than a week ago that Angelia asked Mike to think about the idea of making us a logo.  We are all drawn to the Tree of Life as a symbol of our endeavors with the Mysterious and Miraculous Book Series project.

For me, the first try was a charm.  Seeing this logo, my eyes filled with tears and I knew that some powerful divine forces were smiling down on our efforts.  I feel hope, inspiration and validation when I look proudly at our logo.

As for Gail:  "Wow...I love it, too!  I've never seen anything quite like it and even the background is amazing!  Captain Mike's artistic ability is awesome and seeing this new logo is an exciting moment.  I could feel the legacy we're all trying to create."

And the unanimous came through with a resounding:  "Isn't it awesome???? I sooooooo LOVE it!!!" from Angelia.

Mega -- thanks and big hugs to our Mike!  The new logo is awesome and you are too...!
<![CDATA[femmeflashpoint: Taking Submissions for M&M Book II]]>Thu, 17 Oct 2013 20:11:39 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/hear-ye-hear-ye/legacy-archives-taking-submissions-for-mm-book-iiPicture
Hey gang!

Word on the wire is true. We really are taking submissions right now, to go into Mysterious & Miraculous Book II.

If you're interested in submitting a true story of your own, or even for a friend, relative colleague, here's how you can do it and the guidelines of what will qualify for a submission.

  • The story must be a true account (to the best of your knowledge) of a paranormal/miraculous/metaphysical experience.

    If it's not your own story, then you need to feel reasonably certain that the story being shared with you is true as well. We're not asking for lie detectors to be used, just go with your gut. :) We want to keep the series non-fictional.
  • Length of the story (word count) isn't an issue. I mean, preferably nothing massive enough to fill up your own book with, 'cause if it is, that's what you should do with it.

    As for small, that doesn't matter either. Even a couple of small paragraphs is totally okay.
  • No adult words, situations, content or innuendos. If it's a four-letter something-or-other and would warrant a soap-sandwich, omit it, or we will. 
  • Send a pic of you, or a pic of something you're comfortable to use as your profile pic as well as your bio information, and if you've got a website, include the address.

    Each contributor will have their bio data at the end of the story you submit (at least at the end of one of the stories, if there are multiple). In the back of the book/end of the book, there will be an index area with the same info so your new fans can connect with you easily via the book.  Your profile pic will go here, on the Legacy Scribes & Contributors' page, as well as your bio data.
  • If you serve as a Legacy Scribe to write someone else's story, that's great! Get as much personal info as you can, try to answer the Five W's in the story (Who, What, When, Where and Why), and if possible, please include of the pic of the person you're writing for, their name and their bio as well, at least some of it, if possible. 

    A large part of the Legacy Archives Foundation's mission is to preserve the stories of individuals who may, or may not be writers, or have a chance to have their stories written into a book. So, please keep that in mind when you're writing a story for someone else and try to get as much info as you can. You never know when their great-great-grand-kid might be reading a story you wrote for them. :) (Very cool concept, yeah?)
  • Simply email one of us the story (I'll post email addresses below for you), and send along any photos you might have to go with the story, as well as the profile/bio photos.

    An example of why you night want to include a photo would be, say your getting a story from someone who is only a couple of generations off the reservation. If the story your writing is being written for someone about their great-auntie, who lived on an Indian reservation, and they have a photo of their auntie in native clothing, on the res, or wherever (you get the idea), it'd be really nice to include that for them as well as the readers who would appreciate it.

    One of the stories going into M&M Book II is of a turn of the century home (last century) built by the scribe's great-grandfather who fought in the civil war. The home is still standing. It's a good guess that the folks living in it might want a copy of the book because their house is in it - same thing for their neighbors, or anyone else in their little town. 

    So, if you've got pics, send 'em on.
  • Be aware that we will edit and may change the name of your story. Not definite, but it's a definite possibility. If we do, I promise we'll do it with good reason and for the title to fit better with the book's complete content.

That pretty much covers what we're looking for. 

We're keeping each book to hold between 15 and 20 stories.  So, if you get us a submission by the time we've reached the cut-off point, don't fret 'cause your story will go into the next book.

That's not meant to be harsh. It serves two purposes, both with YOU in mind. :)

  1. We don't want the scribes and those whose stories are being written for them, to get lost in a whole lot of content, or the for the reader to finish the book feeling satisfied. We want them to want more because there are soooo many wonderful stories out there to share and we don't want the readers getting burn-out.
  2. If you're a pro writer, it will be easier for new fans to find your work if we keep the story content to a reasonable amount, which is coming down to between 15 and 20. They won't have to search through loads of other scribes' and contributors' names to find you. The easier it is for them, the better job we've done.

Please send your story submissions to me via femmeflashpoint@gmail.com, or to Maria Jordan via marcoujor@gmail.com, or to Gail Sobotkin via phantomsymon@yahoo.com.

Thank you sooooo much for your assistance and support!