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Shauna L. Bowling is a freelance writer, based in Central Florida.  She began her career as a TV copywriter and assistant producer for the South Florida market in the early 1980s.  Upon relocating to Central Florida in 1987 she enjoyed a long-time career in construction accounting while she gave birth to, and raised her son.

She has reclaimed her passion for writing and established her business, The Write Solution, in order to offer her services to those in need of freelance writers.  In addition, Shauna regularly contributes to HubPages, under the pen name, Bravewarrior, where she writes from the heart.

Viewing life through rose-colored glasses, Shauna aims to enlighten, motivate and inspire her readers with a touch of humor here and there.  To get better acquainted with Shauna’s work, please visit her website, Bravewarrior’s Feathered Pen .

PictureTito Fontanez Ocasio, Legacy Contributor

Tito Fontanez Ocasio is a father and grandfather residing in Georgia.

He’s a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserves and is known for being a loyal friend, as well as a devout and outspoken patriot of freedom and the Christian faith.

PictureTamara Conklin Ramsey
Tamara Conklin Ramsey is a native Hoosier from Gibson County, Indiana.

Not long after she was graduated from Gibson Southern High School, in spring of 1982, she married her sweetheart, Kevin, and they've been together ever since.

Six kids later, Tamara became a highly qualified bargain shopper! Two of their children are grown, and four are still in school, with their youngest being identical twins.

They're a beautiful family and a very happy one, too.

During school seasons, Tamara drives a school bus for Gibson County, and is an occasional specialty baker.

When school's out the family enjoys spending much of their free time on camping trips with extended family and friends.

<![CDATA[Legacy Scribes & Contributors: Aisle V]]>Sun, 01 Dec 2013 13:59:57 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/legacy-scribes--contributors/legacy-scribes-contributors-aisle-vPictureKristen Loree Norton, Legacy Scribe and her husband, Jeremy
Kristen Loree Norton has been passionate in her support of military veterans and their families for most of her life. Her parents, Sergeant First Class Lloyd Loree, U.S. Army (Retired) and Mrs. Idalia Loree, raised their children in the U.S. and abroad, depending on their duty stations.

Kristen is a mortician (funeral director and embalmer), and has spent several years working in the funeral service industry as well as being a passionate political activist within the Campaign for Liberty. Her husband is career veteran, Senior Staff Sergeant Jeremy Norton, U.S. Army, author of the Baghdad Chronicles.

PictureLaura Rogers, Legacy Scribe
Laura Rogers earned her Master’s degree in the Counseling & Psychological Services program at the University of St. Mary’s in Minneapolis, MN.

In the 1990’s, Laura worked in the mental health field as a supervisor at a non-profit, short term counseling clinic. She later moved to work at a family center as a parenting group education coordinator. But, Laura found her niche when she began teaching classes on violence and anger, eventually bringing the curriculum and teaching it within her own community. Added to all this, Laura also earned a teaching certification for grades K-12 and taught as a substitute teacher at Catholic elementary schools as well as teaching preschoolers in both typical and special needs classrooms.

She is a mother of two teenage children and the survivor of an abusive marriage which she ended in 2002. Subsequently, she has written curriculums for her own training programs on Family Violence and Perpetration. Since then, Laura has been passionate in her mission to educate women, strengthening their self-esteem and helping them to recognize and make use of the options available to them to escape and recover from abusive situations.

As well as being a writer and educator, for the past eleven years Laura has served as the Director of Volunteers at a senior living campus in Minneapolis, MN. Her motto is:  Volunteers make the world go round.

Please visit her website, “Stoopin’ It” In the Suburbs, where she writes all sorts of fascinating content from poetry, family fun and recipes, to supernatural events and what’s going on in her own community. She’s also writes for HubPages under the pen name of Healing Touch.

One last cool something about Laura is that she lives in a home designed like a tree house, giving her the ability to see the tops of the trees from the top floor of her home. She lives there with her two children and her twin sister, Linda Rogers, who is also a Legacy Scribe.

PictureLinda Rogers, Legacy Scribe
Linda Rogers has a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and enjoys writing poetry, fiction, non-fiction, mental health articles and stories about paranormal and supernatural events. She has a strong psychic connection with her identical twin and in her blog, Twin-Cess Diaries, brings readers into the fascinating world of what it’s like growing up with a twin.

Fans can also find her on HubPages under the pen name, Minnetonka Twin. Linda resides in Minnetonka, Minnesota with her twin sister, Laura, and Laura’s teenage children, Jacob and Ellie, along with two rescued labs, Joey and Spooky.

PictureMartie Coetser, Legacy Scribe
Martie Coetser is a bookkeeper by day, hailing from Klerksdorp, South Africa. But after-hours, her love and passion for creative expression takes over and is shown in her accomplishments as a freelance writer, with 83 short stories published in magazines, award winning plays and puppet shows in her repertoire. Martie has also developed a correspondence course for short story writers, having recently translated it from Afrikaans to English due to increased demand.

Martie loves her children and grandchildren, regarding them as the most important people in her life. To read more of her fascinating writing, check out her website called Martie's Foyer.

PictureMaxine Sexton Rogers, Legacy Contributor
Maxine Sexton Rogers is a retired nurse residing with her husband Lester, in Menifee County, Kentucky.

A native Kentuckian, she is a mother and grandmother who grew up in a Christian family of blended-heritage, Bluegrass-farmers (Native American and European) and scholars, who were (and are still) adept in many things including raising horses, cattle and tobacco as well as (at least, once upon a time) expertly processing their own shine.

Maxine’s father, Couge Sexton, was born in the late 1800s and was a WWI veteran, serving in the U.S. Army. He was 54 years old when Maxine was born. She is the youngest of 16 children.

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Bill Holland is a consummate freelance writer and published author as well as having been a teacher and business owner. Known by over 1500 loyal followers as billybuc, one of his favorite expressions is PIPO (Positive In, Positive Out).

You can find Bill’s work on his writing blog:  Artistry With Words,  his reflections about life blog:  A Moment With Bill and on HubPages where his goal is to, “help writers spread their wings and fly.”

Bill lives with his wife, Bev, in Olympia, Washington.

PictureBobby D. Roll, Legacy Contributor
Bobby D. Roll is also Sergeant Bobby D. Roll, U.S. Army Reserves. He is a man who has enjoyed a colorful and expansive career. He began as a paramedic, who became a respiratory therapist, who became an eye recovery technician, who became a mortician (funeral director and embalmer), who became a physician’s assistant.

He has a love for many aspects of every field he’s worked in. Bobby’s intentions were to complete medical school, and he hoped a separate career in the funeral service industry would help him pay for it. He lost his mother to cancer at a young age, and sadly became sick himself, and fought for his life to defeat cancer as well.

Thankfully, he won the battle and is a survivor, living cancer free for several years now. He currently owns and operates Roll Funeral Home in California, Missouri and is a licensed mortician in Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Texas.

PictureDenise Handlon, Legacy Scribe
Denise Handlon is a contributing author for the book, The Disenfranchised, Stories of Life and Grief when an Ex-Spouse Dies edited by Peggy Sapphire.  Her work has also been published in several magazines.  

Denise is a Registered Nurse who currently works in a psychiatric hospital setting. For her undergraduate senior thesis, she did scholarly research on the use of dreams in three significant areas of our lives: creativity, problem solving, and general guidance. Dream work has been an important tool in her life and the dream stories she shared in this book show the depth of understanding that she has about metaphysical and precognitive dreams.

Be sure to visit Ms. Handlon’s personal blog, Inner Journey , where she shares her spiritual quest for a deeper relationship with God and her current Spiritual path, which includes the practice of meditation, mindfulness, retreat, inquiry, and soul development.

Ms. Handlon can also be found on HubPages where she writes articles on a variety of topics.

Genna East is a human resources business consultant from Boston, Massachusetts. She writes short stories, poetry and articles, and is currently working on her first book.

“I’m an omnivorous reader and an eclectic writer,” she says. “I fell in love with words by the time I was seven.”

Genna loves the ocean and is an outdoor enthusiast; nature plays a role in much of her creative writing.  As an author on Hubpages, over 450 fans follow her work that displays her many talents as a writer.  Check out for yourself at http://gennaeast.hubpages.com.

Kay L. Bloomfield Dunn is a retired business owner from Holdenville, Oklahoma. She’s a mother of three and a grandmother of several, as well as a great-grandmother of identical twins. She’s been a widow for several years and having been a former military wife, has lived in many areas of the continental United States.

Kay is a Christian of the Pentecostal faith and loves to attend worship services when health permits.

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Angelia Phillips (femmeflashpoint) - Scribe/Contributor
Alicia Jaye Phillips (Nee) - Contributor
Angelia Phillips (femmeflashpoint) and Alicia Jaye Phillips (Nee) are the sister-duo of flashPress and On Story Street.

femme is an author and photo-journalist with professional backgrounds in medicine, mortuary arts/sciences, and journalism.

Nee is an author, photographer, former water systems engineer and a reflexology specialist.

The book cover of the M&M book series was donated by Nee and is from her personal anomalies collection.
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Kim Kruise Thompson - (Sunnie Day), Scribe/Contributor

Kim Kruise Thompson of 
Sunnie Day's Graceful Intentions

When Kim Kruise Thompson retired from her 18 - year Nursing career in 2011, she assumed the pen name of Sunnie Day and resurrected
her love of writing.  She is the author of several books.

Kim and her husband, Roy, live in central Texas and she is the proud Mother of four grown children and a growing list of grandchildren.
Sunnie Day's Graceful Intentions
Theresa Davis (Faith Reaper) - Scribe/Contributor
Theresa Davis (Faith Reaper) of HubPages

Theresa Davis is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister and friend to all she meets on life's journey as a devoted and loyal Christian woman. 

While working by day in a large office building in downtown Montgomery, Alabama, Theresa, also known by her pen name of Faith Reaper, is likely to 
extend her lunch break to reach out to connect with a homeless person she encounters.

Theresa's creative and thoughtful words are another extension of her ministry with a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate.

Theresa on HubPages
Pamela Oglesby (Pamela99) - Scribe/Contributor
Pamela Oglesby (Pamela99) of HubPages

Pamela Oglesby is a freelance writer with a strong background in healthcare, having been a Registered Nurse for twenty two years. 

Pamela has long had an avid interest in genealogy and plans to travel to England in an ongoing ancestral search.

 Pamela has raised three sons and lives with her husband in northern Florida.
Vincent Moore, Scribe/Contributor

Vincent Moore is a poet hailing from beautiful Canada.  He is the author of several books, often gifted with deep insights mined in the darkest hours.

His extensive travels have allowed him to see much of the continental United States and Canada.
PictureKathy Singleton Morton - Scribe/Contributor
Kathy Singleton Morton is a professional sign language interpreter and musician, as well as a private music instructor.

A  mother of three, and a native Hoosier, she makes her home in southern Indiana.

She and her youngest child, Kassie, are often featured in articles written by femmeflashpoint, whom she's been friends with since high school.

<![CDATA[Legacy Scribes & Contributors - Aisle I]]>Wed, 16 Oct 2013 03:27:46 GMThttp://storykeepers.weebly.com/legacy-scribes--contributors/legacy-scribes-contributors-i
Michael Friedman - Contributor
Michael Friedman of
Mockingbird Books Publishing

Mike is an artist/illustrator, author of multiple books and owner of Mockingbird Books Publishing. He's also a veteran of the U.S. Army. He and his wife, Carolyn, live in California.

Behind the scenes our much-appreciated Captain Mike is the key organizer in content editing, design and production of the book projects produced by the Legacy Archives Foundation.
Maria Jordan - Scribe/Contributor
Maria Jordan of marcoujor's musings

Maria Jordan (marcoujor) is a nurse, journalist, poet, freelance editor, collegiate nursing instructor and author of several books.

She’s a mommy to rescued doggies and a dedicated friend to those blessed with calling her that. She and her husband, Geoff, make their home in southeastern Pennsylvania.
marcoujor's musings
Dane Turnbull - Scribe/Contributor
Dane Turnbull (formerly known by the pen name of Alastar Packer) of 
The Carolinian's Archives

Often referred to as the History Master, by his fellow scribes, Dane is also an independent photo-journalist. 

A native of North Carolina, he's known to have a penchant for Carolinian and Appalachian folklore as well as being a popular writer on the subjects of U.S. Revolutionary and Civil War histories, as well as paranormal accounts.
Gail Sobotkin - Scribe/Contributor
Gail Sobotkin of Hubpages

Gail Sobotkin spent 36 years in the Nursing profession, retiring in 2010.

With the pen name of Happyboomernurse, Gail's exemplary writing and exquisite photography continues to educate, motivate and inspire audiences far and wide.

Gail and her husband, Fred, live in Delaware and enjoy spending time in Hilton Head, SC.
Gail on Hubpages
Vicki Warner - Scribe/Contributor
Vicki Warner of Grief Can Heal

Vicki Warner has a teaching background in early childhood education and a Master's Degree in Adult Education and shares her expertise on the importance of family in her coaching work and writings. 

Currently residing in British Columbia, Canada, Vicki coped with the sudden death of her beloved husband by forming a weekly bereavement support group.
She has established a website Forum where she continues a similar form of support today.